Colombia: 7 nations meet to save Amazon from deforestation and wildfires

On Friday, the representatives of seven Amazon nations, which include Presidents and ministers, met in Colombia. This summit took place so that they can agree over the scope of guarding greatest rainforest of world, which is right now in danger because of rampant deforestation and wildfires.

About the summit, Colombia’s President Ivan Duque said that it took place to foster a space for regional dialogue so that they together can advance the protection and sustainable use of the said region. The region is essential for the planet’s survival.

Inauguration of the assembly was done by Colombia’s President. It took place in a ‘maloka’. It is an indigenous hut, which is surrounded by Tikuna tribe members. They have coloured feathers headdresses.

President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro immensely criticized many policies including the insurance policies that favor deforestation and because of which response to the wildfires was delayed.

Bolsonaro, while talking by videoconference, urged different representatives and leaders to withstand calls. It was lead by French President Emmanuel Macron. This step was taken so that the safety of the Amazon can be made an international concern.

President Bolsonaro said that everyone should take a firm position of defense of sovereignty. By which, each country could develop the best policy for the Amazon region and not leave it in the hands of other countries.

All the representatives of the seven nations were seating at a protracted wood desk. They all agreed onto a pact and signed it, name of which is ‘Leticia Pact for the Amazon’. Duque said that the pact would offer more safety than earlier for the rainforest. He also said that the existing treaties had fallen short and because of which this unfortunate accident has taken place.

by Lokendra Sharma | Mon, Sep 09 - 10:37 AM

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