Bangalore-Based Class 9 Student Wins NASA’s Contest Three Times In A Row

Success has nothing to do with age, this has been proven once again when Bengaluru based a class9 student a real case for herself. She is just 15-years-old and studying with a viable bright young prospect in the school. This girl aspires to become a cosmologist one day for sure. Since her childhood, this girl was always attached to science she would always take part in the science contests

So, meet Nidhi Mayurika, a class 9 student. She is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that her dreams come true. Ever since she was in Class 7, she has been taking part in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest and won the first prize for three years in a row.

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TalkingTalking to Edex Live about her passion for science, Nidhi stated, “When I was in Class 5, I’d always take part in the science competitions held at the school level. Seeing my interest, my school principal told me about the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest (ASSC).”

In the year 2016, Nidhi dedicated all her time after school and put all her effort to work on the project called Saikatam. Saikatan was her project name which she took for NASA's contest. It was announced by NASA that the students must design something on the lines of the virtual space colonies in which settlers can live inside a gigantic spacecraft.

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Nidhi explained, "Saikatam is a three-layered space colony for human settlement at Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 5 situated at 3,85,000 km. It is a space colony for humans to survive, evolve and self-sustain. The space colony is akin to Earth with life gases, artificial gravity, water, and food."

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Nidhi's hard work and dedication have helped her achieve what she's always dreamt of. She has become an inspiration for all of us to take up something that challenges us. 

by Vijay Singh | Sat, Sep 29 - 11:20 AM

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