Chinese Dad Trains Dog To Keep An Eye On His Daughter While Doing Homework

As per latest reports, a loving daddy in China has given training to his darling dog to look after his daughter's homework session, and the web users can't get enough of the sweet tutor.

The sweet tutor (dog), named Fantuan, is given training to stand with his front legs on the table whilst his mistress does her homework to ensure she doesn't make use of her phone while doing work.

Xu Liang of southwestern China's Guizhou province stated, "I trained it to guard food from the cat when it was young.”

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"Then one day, I found my daughter was naughty when she was doing her homework. I came up with an idea to let Fantuan watch over its sister, supervise her to do her homework."

And Xinya, who presently accomplished her work with her darling dog keeping an eye on her, said that her daughter doesn't mind the company of dog.

"It is not as boring as doing my homework alone, and I won't be distracted as well. It feels like being accompanied by a classmate," she stated.

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The dog named Fantuan has been completely skilled to take care of the girl, Xinya, completes her homework.  

The verdict to make use of a canine as a teacher remained fruitful. Xinya now finishes her homework in due course with Fantuan watch over her.

by Neetu Panwar | Tue, May 14 - 01:40 PM

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