Chinese Chef Peter Chang Selling India’s Beloved Bhaturas As ‘Scallion Bubble Pancakes’

Do you remember the £70 Zara Lungi? They got desi thought to make so much money but possibly that was not sufficient. At the moment, it is a Chinese professional cook Peter Chang who has made ‘desi food item’ as a videshi fancy goody.

We are discussing about our ever preferred hot bhaturas. Peter Chang has also named this desi dish as “scallion bubble pancakes.”

At his eatery Q, in the city of Maryland, USA, Peter is claiming it to be an ideal cuisine starter. Not just this, a well known food website "Tastemade” has also added its video recording. They are completely mistaken and we identify it because it is not traditional Chinese cuisine however bhatura or poori and it is really yummm!

China made attempts to replicate our cute and loving food, the heart of north India and the most favorite food of one and all residing in Delhi 'Bhatura' and named it 'Scallion Bubble Pancake,' Indians were not overwhelmed.

Popular Facebook food page Tastemade posted a video recording (which they have taken down following the outrage) in which they showcased a novel dish called Bubble Pancake.

This new bubble pancake is to be served up with a spicy curry.

Now everything is okay about this excepting the truth that this is a goddamn bhatura.

Within a few seconds, Indians came to know regarding this sorcery and they called the page names and disgraced for create disorder with our much-loved bhatura.

So not only did desis left their harsh comments on Tastemade, ensuring in a pull-down of the video, they found the person behind him. Maryland-based restaurant Q by Peter Chang, run by Chinese chef Peter Chang was surprised to see so many Indians giving him a poor rating and writing long ass messages to express their discontentment.

Check out the comments -

Jitesh Jaggi- Just a fellow Indian here to let my countrymen know how the world feels about us when we copy their movies/ songs/ compositions and don't give credit. We've been playing this game too far, time to acknowledge the originals and stop supporting the fakes in the industry.

M Kamini Manivannan - Some bubble pancake stuff video i saw from yr shop. Thats an indian dish. Its poori/bathura and it is served with potatoes or chickpea gravy. If uve made some other version of it then specify and give some credit. Dun make it seem like its yr original creation. Truly disgusted by such false claims.

Sameeksha Rajni Khanna - Atleast give credit to the culture from which you have stolen food items from before calling it your own! Its puri, come and visit india and you will get all varieties of it to steal even more flavours!

Mohammed Khaled - C'mon, fam. Why the need to plagiarise? Just call it a poori. If you really want something original, either come up with something or take something that's been done before and keep its name.

Cronosrc William - Stop calling other people's cultural food as your own invented stuff.

I am so ashamed to be a Chinese and see people like you claim poori as their own invention.

by Neetu Panwar | Sat, Apr 27 - 12:22 PM

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