Students living in slum have to take efforts to reach school in Delhi via boats

People in the urban cities don't heed for the pain which the rural ones are facing. And one of the latest news came out of the slum area is really disturbing. We have recently come across a slum area at the Delhi-Noida crossing. In spite of living in the national capital of the country, these students really have to make a lot of efforts to reach the doors of the school to grasp the basic knowledge.


People can be seen living a very tough life with minimum basic facilities. Even in today's era where we are having larger than life amenities, those slum dwellers are living a tough life. They don't even go to the toilets to discharge feces from their body.

In near to the end of muddy roads, few of the boats can be seen stationed in shallow water which to surrounds garbage and algae. And we all are aware of the fact of the deteriorating Indian rivers whether Ganga or Yamuna the condition is same.


But the dreams of these children are larger than the problems which they are facing as all the children want to become professionals in different fields, they used to wake up at 6 am to reach the National Capital on time. At a time, one boat can take around 10 children to the destination.


One of the slum dwellers Rajesh said, “9-10 foot gehra paani hai and aage jaate jaate toh aur gehra hojaata hai” (The water is as deep as 9-10 feet and its depth keeps increasing further) said a class V student, Deba who paddles the oar. “Ye boat thekedaar ki hai jinhone humein machchi pakadne ke liye di hai, isse se hum apna guzaara karte hain."

An NGO teacher used to come to the children to teach them subjects like English, Hindi, and Maths and during excessive rainfall, the students can't go to school due to rising level of water in the river, which automatically creates hindrance in their studies.


The mothers of the children are scared and one mother even said, “Humein apne bacho ko naav mein bhejne mein darr lagta hai. Bache he chalaate hain. Mai kabhi bhi apne ladko ko akele nahi bhejti.”

The Government is requested to pay attention to the problems of the slum dwellers... Please share your valuable comments on this.

by Shifa Naz | Mon, Oct 15 - 04:45 PM

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