Childhood Memories Every Kids Born In 90’s Will Majorly Miss

Life has always been a simple one during childhood. We don't have that kind of burden or tension of dealing with the problems of life and live a stress-free life without any worries. All we used to do is study, play, eat and sleep and enjoy some priceless moments which we can cherish for the rest of our lives.

Things keep changing after with time be it places, food, humans, and everything. We all change with time and try to adapt ourselves to the new things in our surroundings. However, there are some memories which we can never forget and also majorly miss them as they are very close to our hearts and we know we can't get back those priceless moments ever.

So here are some of the best childhood memories of every Indian kid who is born in the 90s. It was an era when things were evolving and there are many memories which kids of that era have loved a lot but now all they have got is just the memories of those wonderful times.

We've seen the transition from the old, black and white television box to the first colorful set. We've been the generation of the Walkman and we've also been the generation of the craziest, most delicious bunch of munchies ever to be seen.

So take a look at the list of many popular things of the 90s which we don't get to see now and we all miss it.

1. Pepsi Cola (ice candy)

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The flavored ice candy was relished by almost every 90s kid. The candy used to come in various flavors and it was a perfect treat during summers. We really miss this one!

2. Poppins candy

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Again one of the most popular flavored candies which I guess every kid must have enjoyed. We definitely miss it.

3. Uncle Chips

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The popular snack which every kid has relished. The chips were so very famous and now we don't get it anymore.

4. Boomer Chewing Gum

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This was one of the popular chewing gums which every 90s kid used to enjoy.

5. Gold Spot

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The popular soft drink was much more famous than Pepsi and Thumbs Up in the 90s and was a favorite among people.

Other famous food items included Kismi chocolate candies, Rol. a. Cola a.k.a The Solid Cola, Ravalgaon candies, Duke's Mangola, Bonkers Fruit Chews, Mango Frooti, Chiclets, Cheeslings, Pan Pasand, and Big Babol.

So, friends, we hope this article took you down the memory lane!


by Admin | Sun, Aug 12 - 02:03 PM

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