Chhattisgarh Women are making hoards of money from Egg Shells every year

The exterior covering of eggs has never been regarded as helpful. But, ladies residing in the Sarguja region of the state Chhattisgarh, with the proper assistance from the Ambika Municipal Corporation, have detected an exclusive method to boost their family earnings by making use of these coverings.

For the last 12 month period, Ritu Sen, Sarguja’s collector, has been aiding in endorsing the need for female empowerment all over the state, and this resulted into the birth of a number of plans under which self-assistance groups get set up, and females found job chances as canteen managers, parking assistants and even helped manage solid waste within the city.

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And at the moment, the municipal corporation is hiring females to create calcium powder and manures using the eggshells.

The females got training by C Srinivasan, an ecologist, who has been sharing his thoughts of utilizing the waste on well-regarded platforms including Satyamev Jayate and TEDx.

The eggshells get cleaned using water, dried under the sun and crumbled and sieved to turn them into the calcium powder.

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One kilogram of this special powder will get added to one quintal of seeds predetermined for chickens. This will reload calcium in the seeds, as a result of optimizing their physical condition.

While talking to the media people, Dr CK Mishra, the manager of a Government Poultry Center in Chhattisgarh, stated, “Under the guidance of Collector of Sarguja, for the first time in the state, production of the eggshell powder has been started in the Sakala Poultry Farm by C Sreenivasan, a knowledge seeker of solid waste management.”

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“The Animal Husbandry Department is also helping them fully. Due to this initiative, waste will be managed properly, and the women will have a means of income,” Dr CK Mishra added up.

Aside from this, these shells will also get utilized as fertilisers for plants and a variety of crops.

Eggshells take a long time to compost as against other kinds of damp waste such as peels, seeds etc.

by Vijay Singh | Tue, Jul 24 - 02:22 PM

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