Tavishi Perara From Chennai Is India’s First Child Without A Father’s Name

As per latest reports, Tavishi Perara has turned out to be the nation's first kid without having a dad's name. Yes, Tavishi got her birth certificate without the revelation of dad's name.

Tavishi Perera's mother Mathumitha Ramesh was born after her separation from hubby Charan Raj by joint consent.

But the relief did not come without pain for the Tavishi’s mom, Mathumitha Ramesh, who had to wage two rounds of the court case to make sure her Tavishi Perara acquired a birth record without dad's identification.

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The baby took birth during April last year through intrauterine fertility cure with the assistance of a semen donor.

But, the Trichy Corporation commissioner forwarded a certificate showcasing one Manish Madanpal Meena as Tavishi’ dad, as the person had assisted Mathumitha when she was under treatment. When she talked to the authorities requesting elimination of Meena's name, it got discarded on the ground that mistakes in a person's name could only be corrected, whilst exclusion was not possible in any way.

Assailing the September 4, 2017 order, Tavishi’s mom knocked the doors of HC, which directed revenue administrators to fix the certificate. However, her request to the revenue divisional official got rejected yet again at once that it was the registrar of births and deaths that was the skilled authority to resolve the matter.

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The lady approached the court another time, where her advocate stated that Meena's name had "incorrectly crept" into the documentation.

Interestingly, both Meena and Mathumitha's separated husband Charan Raj filed separate official declarations stating that neither of them was the kid's dad.

Justice M S Ramesh permitted Mathumitha's claim after it got cleared up that she had got pregnant via intrauterine fertility cure with donated semen.

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Recounting these details and directing the chief health representative of Trichy corporation to get rid of Meena’s name from the dad’s name column that would currently be left blank.

The judge stated, “I have made these observations consciously in order to restrain the chief health officer from insisting on any other name in the birth certificate on the father’s name column."

In addition, he passed on the said case to June 11 for the fulfilment of the order.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, May 21 - 12:48 PM

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