10 words pronunciation by Rest of India Vs Bengalis which will make you laugh

Bengali people are very famous for a lot of things that consists of their rich culture, traditions, cuisine, and of course their love for debate.

But, one more speciality that Bengali people boast of is their cute pronunciation. They will call you in a manner that is a little bit different from the others.

With their distinctive love for curving diverse sounds, we have created a list of some names that they take in a really unique way.

Here are a few of the names Bongs utter in a different way than rest of India.

1- Rest of India pronounces Sachin and Bengalis call Sochin

2- Rest of India pronounces Varun and Bengalis call Borun

3- Rest of India pronounces Arjun and Bengalis called Orjun

4- Rest of India pronounces Sanjay and Bengalis call Sonjay

5- Rest of India pronounces Vir and Bengalis call him Bir

6- Rest of India pronounces Piyush and Bengalis call him Pijush

7- Rest of India pronounces Aishwarya and Bengalis call him Oishorjo

8- Rest of India pronounces Vidyut and Bengalis call him Biddut

9- Rest of India pronounces Virat and Bengalis call him Birat

10- Rest of India pronounces Amitabh and Bengalis call him Omitabha

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Jun 24 - 04:19 PM

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