Dhak Dhak Girl Madhuri Dixit expresses her desire to don a producer’s hat

Madhuri Dixit, who has completed successful 34 years in the film industry, talked over her film projects, hubby, children, fitness routine, diet, and many other things in a recent interview at Novotel (Juhu).

The well-known actress answered all the questions in a joyous mood.

When the media people asked her that why she is doing a Marathi movie (Bucket List) at this time, she said, Marathi cinema has been doing well and it has given many hits in the recent past like Sairat or so many other films. When this flick got offered, then she felt it was a very relevant theme.

For this flick, she has driven a motorbike.

In addition, she is going to produce a Marathi film, 15 August. The majority young movie industry aspirants, who reside in Mumbai, first target Bollywood in place of trying their fate in Marathi cinema.

On being asked that she came to India in the year 2011 but she remained absent from glamour industry, she answered that there are a lot of priorities in life and she fulfilled them and at the moment, both her kids have grown up and she is back.

She also said that in the meantime, she bagged a lot of offers..

She also told about her wish that she wanted to do a Marathi movie and in addition, she wants to put on producer’s cap.

Madhuri said that her mother advised her that “Don't hold the sand too tight in your palm.” So she is a martinet in a few aspects.

On being asked about her diet and fitness routine, Madhuri said she loves to dance and she follows keto-diet, every now and then.  But she takes a suggestion from the nutritionist.

When asked about her most preferred exercise routine, she answered palates and yoga are her favorites.

On being asked why the majority of flicks fail to impress audiences today, the actress answered that the times have changed a lot. People have turned organized and the film producers are making good movies. But why people are fewer at hand happens basically owing to the reality that there are a number of distractions including Netflix, Amazon, Social Media..

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When media people asked, do you catch up on films, she answered, “Yeah, mostly. And I like to watch them in a theatre. Recently, I saw Avengers in a theatre and people were whistling away.”

by Vijay Singh | Mon, May 28 - 02:41 PM

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