Changing Times, Fading Protocols: Adilabad Collector Shakes Her Legs At Gardener’s Marriage

The days got vanished when people with high statuses were constrained by a strict code of behaviour. Young elected delegates and administrators are coming out of those limits and are showcasing their fondness to uphold human relations.

Telangana’s Adilabad region collector Divya Devarajan turned out the main centre of interest by shaking her legs at the marriage of a gardener named Saitak Sudhakar that took place at her camp office. Divya Devarajan’s participation in the adivasi (ethnic) dance is noticeable from her synchronization with the other ethnic females in the well known Dhimsa dance.

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Gardener’s marriage happened in Gopalpur rural community of Gudihatnur area in the region on last Friday. Saitak Sudhakar had given a special invitation to the collector for his wedding ceremony.

Astonishingly, Divya Devarajan not only become part of the marriage to bless the new pair however also spent a significant amount of time talking with the Adivasi females knowing their background.

She said no to sit in the chair brought specially for her and enjoyed food and talked to others while sitting on the floor.

She also danced with them and shocked one and all present there.

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In recent times, the 2009 batch IAS officer started learning the Gondi tongue, to efficiently talk with Adilabad region’s Gond tribe.

Divya’s Warangal urban region counterpart Amrapali Kata is a trekker. Recently wedded, she organizes trekking in nearby regions, trying to discover the nature in the presence of adventurists.

Some time back, Telangana Assembly Deputy Speaker Padma Devender turned viral all over the social platforms with her dance at her son’s marriage. She amused all the guests with her special dance on stage.

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In Karimnagar region, Manthani MLA P Madhu shook his legs at the marriage of state finance minister E Rajender’s son during July 2017.

Lok Sabha associate from Malkajgiri in the city of Secunderabad, N Malla Reddy, joined the pupils in dancing at his own Malla Reddy Educational Institutions.

Sometime back, then Adilabad district police superintendent Srinivasulu not only sanctioned a day’s holiday for around 150 head constables in the region to enjoy the socially inspirational “Head Constable Venkataramaiah” movie along with their family members. She also enjoyed the flick with all of them.

by Vijay Singh | Wed, May 09 - 01:40 PM

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