Chandigarh School Shop Runs On The Students’ Honesty, Story inside

Honesty is very important in life.  It will take us to great heights and also acts as an appreciation asset to us.  If you are wondering about the reason that made us talk suddenly about honesty then you have to read on this article to find out.  A school in Chandigarh named Government Model Senior Secondary School, Dhanas has set best example for honesty and is giving honesty goals to the schools out there.

The school has opened a stationary shop on its premises and the twist of the tale is that there is no shopkeeper to sell or collect money from the students that buy the products there.  Also, there is no CCTV camera arranged in the premises of the shop.  It is just a signboard that reads “Serve Yourself, Pay Honestly”.

According to a leading daily, the shop has school supplies like notebooks, pens, pencils etc at affordable rates and the prices are duly marked on each item.  Instead of a shopkeeper, the school arranged a piggy bank for the students to deposit the money into it after picking up the items that are required by them.

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Parents applaud school for the great initiative

Talking about the same, the school Principal Seema Rani said that 3000 students study in the school. In the two months of the shop’s existence, no student has failed to deposit money for supplies taken. Sometimes, if they are short of funds, they bring the amount the next day and deposit it.

The school’s canteen owner Sanjay Kumar was quoted saying, “Many a time, if I leave the canteen open for some work and go outside, then the children come there and take what they need and leave its fair price on the counter.”

The parents of the children studying in the school are in total applause for the wonderful initiative that the school has taken as they believe that it has brought notable behavioral change in their children.  Also, they say that now they’re more honest and practical when it comes to money.

by Neetu Panwar | Fri, Sep 13 - 12:29 PM

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