Carpet Python Comes Out Whilst Playing Pool Game, Startles Players

Indoor games are quite popular for game lovers. Among them, Pool game is extremely prevalent. In recent times, a group of players was playing the game with utmost interest and focus. All of a sudden, they were startled after seeing a python in a corner pocket of the table. This incident took place in Brisbane in Australia. 

It's actually a carpet python that made everyone spook. We can witness the photo of the Python looking with a cheeky grin. Brisbane Snake Catchers shared the picture of the python through a Facebook post on Tuesday. From the next picture, we can witness the python curled up inside the table. 

In the Facebook post, Brisbane Snake Catchers posted a couple of pictures and wrote, 'Brisbane residents playing a game of pool with a friendly Carpet python. At the time of having a casual game of pool with your mates and this snake pops up to greet you with a cheeky grin.. make sure you check your pool table pockets before sticking your hand in 😂👍'.

They posted the pictures and also suggested the players not to place their hand in the pocket without checking it thoroughly. The Facebook post also included their phone number so as to contact them easily. Soon, this post went viral across the internet and people have started sharing it and dropped thousands of comments. 

This post has received more than 4000 shares from the netizens. Instead of posting adverse comments, people have admired the look of the snake. One of the users wrote, 'What a cutie.' Another person wrote, 'How cute is that little face.' In Australia, carpet pythons are quite common. They are actually non-venomous in nature. Due to their sudden appearance during the game, the carpet python made headlines in news. In recent times, some other carpet python was spotted hanging out on a family's verandah.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers shared a video of the snake and wrote, 'Carpet Pythons are the most common snake we catch and don't seem to bother by humans. They will often hang out in entertaining areas like this and won't move even if people are around. Majority of other snakes will retreat to cover as they see someone nearby.'

by Neetu Panwar | Wed, Jul 31 - 02:44 PM

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