Canadian Immigrant Wins 2 Lotteries Back-To-Back, Becomes A Multi-Millionaire

We all believe in luck and wish that it changes some day or the other in a good way. Well, it happens to only a few and rests will just have to wait for the right time for the luck to change.

Luck can change in many ways and you never know what's stored in for us. Winning a lottery is a dream for many across the globe. However, it is purely based on luck which can make you a millionaire within a blink of an eye. But only a few experience this kind of luck out of many who actually purchase a lottery ticket. Among those lucky ones is this Canadian immigrant who won not one but two bumper lotteries in a span of just five months. Yes, you heard it right!

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The Canadian who won the lottery twice is named Melhig Melhig and is 28-years-old. He won about $2.7 million in two separate lottery ticket purchases at stores in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as per the local reports. He first struck gold in April when he won about $1.2 million on a $20 instant lottery ticket bought at the RN Convenience Store.

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The store from where Melhig purchased the lottery was located near his apartment where he lived in with his wife and children. The Canadian man's first priority was to move his family into a home they could call their own.

Melhig stated, "My main goal is to go to school. I want to improve my English and communication. And I want to learn something useful, like carpentry."

Melhig's story shows that dreams do come true, sometimes you just need to wait for the right time.

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