Brutally Honest Swara Bhasker: The spirit of friendship was so warm and genuine

In this piece of writing, you will come to known about Swara Bhasker’s extremely frank views on trolls, beau, growing up years, wedding, kids, and certainly, the much-talked-about masturbation scene from her latest offering Veere Di Wedding.

When asked did you actually anticipate that Veere Di Wedding will be a hit, she answered that she had a gut reaction that the flick will do very well.

She said that the film showcases the youth reaction of the city youth. She also said that she expected that the film will make Rs 6 crore on its first day.

When questioned do you have besties like film, she said, “I don't know anybody like Sakshi. I was scared of plating the super bitch, excuse my language. So I told Rhea and Shashanka (Ghosh, director) that let's not make Sakshi a cardboard of a superb bit**. Like I remember I had a scene where a chowkidaar tells me that you can't park your car here or he'll puncture my car, and I shoot back: Kar de puncture, karke dikha, jala dungi tujhe.”

When the media people asked a couple of movie reviewers felt that the 4 characters were plotted and on this, she answered, “I don't think so. The spirit of friendship was so warm and genuine. But anyway, I didn't feel bad about whatever they said. I may not agree with them but I can't stop them. Each one of us is entitled to his/her opinion. No film can be praised by 100 per cent people. Love it or hate it, you can't ignore it (pauses). I just get paranoid if my work is criticised.”

The film Veere Di Wedding has showcased a great victory and she has smashed all BO records.

Swara said whenever females do anything unpredicted; people make it a big topic for discussion (smiles).

Did this highly narrow-minded female ever fight with her mom & dad? Was Swara a rebel during her early days?

She said, “Who doesn't fight with parents? I also fought a lot with my brother. I wouldn't describe myself as a rebel because I am very close to them. I never lied to them about even my boyfriends, even if they got upset.”

She memorized seeing a number of movies on DD that normally had an unmarried mom. So, she always kept her mom & dad in the circle even when it came to her beaus.

When asked did you ever get into trouble, she answered, “Many times for bunking classes. But I was a good student and teachers loved me. Lekin haan ek baar ek teacher ne principal ko complain kiya tha that I was sitting too close to a boy during lunch breaks.”

by Vijay Singh | Fri, Jun 08 - 03:34 PM

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