Brotherhood Vibes: Indian And Pakistani Soldiers Dance Together On Bollywood songs In Russia

Back in 1947, The Britishers drew a line on India's map that could never be erased. In fact, with each passing day, it is becoming darker and stronger. That line divided our nation in two parts- India and Pakistan. The Divide And Rule Policy made two brothers each other's enemies. It's been over 71 years and the two nations are still not at peace.

However, the land of Russia recently witnessed a rare sight. Indian and Pakistani troops are jointly participating in SCO Drills for the first time. And in a rare phenomenon, the soldiers of both nations were seen dancing together on Bollywood songs. This all happened on Tuesday night which marked the 'Bhartiya Diwas' during the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation drills. To celebrate the day, The Indian Army had invited the commanders of all other armies including Pakistan. They were welcomed with Tilak and Arti and were also made to wear Pagdi (Turban).

After the welcoming, the Indian soldiers presented a cultural performance. Popular Bollywood songs were played including the songs of Sapna Chaudhary. Pakistani soldiers too joined to shake their legs on feet-tapping songs.

Watch the video here:

In the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, eight countries have participated in the mock drill being held from August 22 to August 29.

On the occasion, Indian contingent commander Brigadier Vikas Lakhera said that India wants friendly terms with all the countries participating in the exercise which includes China, Pakistan and Russia among others.

A day before, the soldiers of both countries also played Volleyball and India emerged as a winner.

It is lovely to see soldiers from both the countries coming closer. We hope it happens on Indian borders too where we lose lives of several soldiers every other day.

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