Brilliant Japanese Father Transformed a T-Shirt into a Playful Railway Track for His Kid

We can often witness the unconditional love of parents on their kids whether it is a boy or a girl. Some of the parents shower their love on their children right from their birth and enjoys every single moment as they grew up in their life. Even after working the whole day, parents chill out after spending some time with their kids.

In the technological era, people are truly busy with their hectic schedule. Due to rapid work in the daytime, people prefer a kind of soothing and massage for their body. In such a case, if children become their massagers then, it would definitely become a great day for them. Here is a genius father who tried making his kid happy through a simple trick.

A man from Japan transformed his T-shirt into a network of railway track. The kid then starts thinking about the T-shirt as a playful track and plays on his back. From the video, we can witness the kid sitting on the back of his father and massages him using his toy train. The kid started playing with his T-shirt and the toy train in a joyful manner.

Ken Kawamoto is an exceptional person and a software engineer at Google. His son had great love towards trains and railway tracks. On the T-shirt, we can find the network of railway tracks alongside the names such as right shoulder, spine, and left the shoulder and lower back. These names indicate different stations that are mentioned on the T-shirt.

It's not the only thing that he did for his kid but also something exceptional. Earlier, he designed a shirt with rock-climbing wall grips. The kid will be able to climb to the top using the wall grips. When asked about the same Ken said, 'He [the son] seems to enjoy using me as rails (and the added sense of accomplishment from giving me a back massage). He’s always enjoyed using me as a toy.' He’s truly a creative man who is making wonders for his kid.

by Mamatha Reddy | Thu, May 09 - 12:27 PM

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