Brazilian Crook’s Changed Appearance as a Teenager Fails His Custody Flee Effort

A Brazilian mobster recently made headlines in the news for making an attempt to flee from the custody. The interesting thing is that he dressed as his daughter and tried to abscond from the cell while his daughter was found extinct in his cell. As per the latest report from the Brazilian news source, he is a 42-year old Clauvinho da Silva also known as Baixinho. 

He was actually found defunct by the officers at the high-security cell in Rio de Janeiro. He was spotted that he had taken his life by hanging himself using some stuff. Silva was actually a member of the Red Command and he had been undergoing a 73-year verdict. Silva made an unusual attempt to flee the Gericino cell in the west of the city by wearing a silicone mask. He also dressed in a black corset, wig and a skin-tight T-shirt adorned with three pink doughnuts.

He changed his appearance as his daughter and seven other women came to see him during the visiting hours on Saturday. Among the women, one of them was pregnant. The officials were pretty much suspicious about Silva and stopped him from leaving the cell. They asked him to take off clothing before the cameras. The video of Silva uncovering his clothes went viral across the internet.

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He then moved into the act of confining as punishment. His daughter namely Ana Gabriele Leandro da Silva endured being inside the cell as part of their plan. As per the report, they will confront claims of attempting to encourage the escape of Silva from the cell. According to the news from Rio newspaper, Silva could remain for another 2 years behind bars.

In the year 2013, Silva strived to escape from the cell with the help of his sewers alongside some other inmates. The National Justice Council recently made a statement that the conditions in the cell were truly dreadful. A single cell comprises more than 2 inmates, as per the news from the BBC. 

by Neetu Panwar | Fri, Aug 09 - 01:06 PM

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