Stories of Bollywood Stars Behind Their Tattoos

Getting tattoo inked is a trend nowadays. Sometimes, it is just a design, but more often it holds a special spot in people's hearts. Just like other people, Bollywood stars also have gotten inked with special words and designs. They also have shared the stories behind them.

Here's have a look at some of Bollywood celebs' tattoos, and stories behind them:

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka has tattoo of "Daddy's lil girl..." inked at the actor's right wrist. It is written in her father Ashok Chopra's handwriting and it shows the special bond Chopra shared with her father. PeeCee once said, "You make friends with grief. My dad was my biggest cheerleader. Any awards show, he would be my date. Every time I won anything, he’d be like, 'Yeah!' as if he’d won. I was like, 'Dad, just turn it down by 10.' He enjoyed my achievements more than I did."

Akshay Kumar

The actor has "Tina" tattooed on his left shoulder. Talking about it, he had said that he's away for long duration a lot and he misses the three people who mean the world to him. This was revealed by a source when Kumar's tattoos were first noticed by fans. "Nothing says 'you mean the world to me' more than having it stamped on your body for eternity'', he expressed. The body art artist came to the actor's home and made the tattoos. The names are in English and in a simple and classy font—sans frills.

Deepika Padukone

She has "RK" tattoo, dedicated to ex Ranbir Kapoor. Talking about it, she had said, ''This is the most painful place to get a tattoo done and I love it.''

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Saif Ali Khan

Saif decided to honour his lady love Kareena Kapoor with a tattoo that spells out her name in Hindi, "I wanted to say, 'Look, this is what I have done and it's a pretty serious commitment'." Saif added, "I can wave it in your face every time you say 'Casanova'! I'll say, 'But I haven't done that before!'"

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Dia Mirza

Mirza's very first tattoo spells out the word 'aazad' in hindi. "My Tattoo reads - आज़ाद - because we are all Born #free," Mirza explained.

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor has a very special tattoo dedicated to his mother. On his right wrist is the word "maa" in Hindi.

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Sonakshi Sinha

She inked a tattoo around her left ankle and it is similar to a chandelier. "I give myself painful ideas," the actor revealed and said, "Wanted to get it in Budapest because I loved it there so much and will always have something to remind me of my stay."

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik and his ex-wife got the matching Star of David tattoos on the side of their right wrists.

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Varun Dhawan

The actor has three tattoos on his body. The first one is a tribal print on his left shoulder, the second one is a tribute to Michael Jackson on his forearm and the third one includes an unknown mysterious figure on his right biceps.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has a tattoo on the back of her neck. She had got it more than a decade ago, and it was two wings at that time. However, she felt it did not make sense then and so she added a crown in the middle.

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