Bollywood Songs Are Too Cringe-Worthy As Its Compared To Women

Bollywood has been the promoter of such a large number of awful things that I have sincerely lost the count. Apart from the saint worshipping contents, a substantial gap in the pay role and an undocumented unprofessionalism, the industry that produces a bigger number of movies than most is scandalous for its sexist guidelines and how! Also, by how I mean with undeniable thing numbers that are stacked with implications that does these women no great other than making them reasonable for the male to look. Be that as it may, India hai, “sab chalta hai”!

Well, sometimes I wonder what the writer was thinking while penning down these songs. Bollywood has always been a male-dominated sector; however, times have changed now. But there’s one thing which has still remained constant and it’s that the women are always compared to something or the other. They are often called with the names you wouldn’t even think in your wildest dreams.

Folks, I am not trying to make up such things on my own but these things do exist and we all must have heard but probably avoided to just let them go.

So here are some of the peppy item songs of Bollywood where women/actresses are compared with some of the weirdest things which will make you cringe!

This song featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan was an instant hit among the buffs. However, the lyrics of this song are just way beyond weird. In one of the lines, Kareena sings, “Main Hu Tandoori Murgi Hu Yaar”, I mean come on guys; you haven’t even spared a chicken. Grow up!

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The song featured Katrina Kaif and is definitely a popular track till date. However, we wonder why the lyricist compared Katrina with jalebi that too Afghan jalebi! Any guesses? No? Leave it, don’t knock your brains!

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Sunny Leone has just become an asset and people always keep comparing her with things. In this peppy track, the actress was compared to a baby doll. Well, that’s still okay, but why “Sone Di Baby Doll”? We like her anyways!

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The song totally criticized Madhuri Dixit and compared her with no just Khamba (Lamp Post) but also with a wooden stick (chadi).

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So folks, what are your thoughts on this? Tell us in comments.

by Vijay Singh | Wed, Jul 25 - 11:56 AM

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