A Blanket Merchant Donates All His Stock To Help People Of Kerala

Humanity is still alive in this world among many people and they are the real-life heroes who have actually come to people's rescue.

You must be wondering why we are talking about this all of a sudden, isn't it? Don't worry we will tell you.

As well all know, monsoons are at their peak and its raining heavily across the country. However, Kerala is one state where rains are causing troubles for the people there.

Amidst all this, people have lost their houses, families and many more valuable things. But here's a man named Vishnu who has stepped forward to help the needy ones.

Vishnu is a blanket merchant hailing from Maharashtra and has donated his entire stock to help the people.

Vishnu had bought 50 blankets to Kerala for selling purpose but his heart melted after seeing the people there and hence decided to donate his entire stock.

Given that Vishnu came all the way to sell these blankets. There were chances that he could have used the money after earning from the amount he earned. Yet, he did not think twice about helping the people who were in need. It's funny how those who themselves need help and support are the ones helping each other.

Vishnu has won several accolades for his kindness and humanity.

"Meet #Vishnu. He is a blanket merchant from Maharashtra. He came back to Kerala with 50 blanket to sell. But once he knew about the calamities this guy didn't have to think twice he donated his entire stock of blankets to the district collector."

"The idea of India.......the sheer generosity and kindness of those who don't have too much"

"God bless this man.It is always those with the least means who have the largest hearts."

"Knowing how precariously these people live it is heartwarming to see such a gesture. God bless #Vishnu. We are truly blessed."

Hats off to Vishnu and his kindness!



by Admin | Thu, Aug 16 - 03:42 PM

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