BJP Lost The Race Of Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018, CM Yeddyurappa Resigned Before Floor Test

In Karnataka, the BJP government fell within two days. Even before the floor test in the Assembly today, Chief Minister Yeddyurappa gave an emotional speech and he resigned. He said that his party has reached 40 to 104 if elections are held in the next five years, the BJP will return with 150 seats. Since then, the celebrations have started in Congress and JDS.

After Karnataka assembly elections 2018's result out, competition between BJP and Congress started to have the majority by their side by hook and crook. Meanwhile, there was held a floor test where a majority was established by BJP and the party has won.

Although BJP got 104 seats during the elections, despite this needs 8 more seats to establish the complete majority in the state. On the other hand, Congress offered alliance hand to support the JDS though they can have a majority by their side. There have been many fluctuations observed during the Karnataka elections.

So, have a look here the full journey of Karnataka elections from the beginning to till now:

1. In Karnataka, the election of 222 seats out of 224-member has been held on May 12 which is said to be 72.13 percent of the total vote. And the two seats where voting didn't hold is RR Nagar seat and Jaynagar seat because of electoral upheaval in RR Nagar and the demise of the BJP candidate on the Jaynagar seat.

2. Counting of votes was started on the morning of May 15th, during which the Bharatiya Janata Party got the majority of votes and was seen moving forward to form a government.

3. 104 seats out of 222 seats came under the account of Bharatiya Janata Party's account while Congress got 78, JDS 38 and others got 2 seats.

4. The Bharatiya Janata Party claimed to have established a majority due to being the largest party, and during this time the Congress extended its hand to the JDS for the alliance.

5. Governor Vajubhai Vala said that he will wait for all the results to come and before that no party will invite to form the government. (Governor Vajubhai Vaani, is a member of the RSS, and has also been the President of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly from 2012 to 2014.)

6. On May 17, BJP legislature party leader B S Yeddyurappa took oath as the Chief Minister of Karnataka by Governor Vajubhai Vala at a ceremony at Raj Bhavan. With this, Yeddyurappa became the 25th Chief Minister of Karnataka. However, Supreme Court refused the urgent plea of Congress and JDS to stay BJP leader B S Yeddyurappa’s swearing-in as Karnataka Chief Minister.

7. As Bopaiah become the Pro tem Speaker, BJP has 103 MLAs. In order to establish a majority, BJP needed 111 MLAs and the party said that they would easily establish a majority.

8. Yeddyurappa was asked by the Governor for a majority of the test within 15 days, but the Supreme Court had made this time 48 hours only.

9. Following the Supreme Court order, Yeddyurappa has to prove majority in the Karnataka assembly elections on the evening of May 19.

10. Wha is floor test?

The Floor Test is the process of proving the majority in the assembly, under which the speaker or the Protem Speaker voted for his party. This process is completely transparent. When a party gets the majority of seats in the house, the Governor appoints that person as the Chief Minister but if no party is in a situation to form the govt. then the majority is questioned and to prove the majority/confidence of the CM. Appointed CM has to prove that he/she enjoys the confidence of the house. And, if the confidence motion fails to pass, the appointed CM has to resign from the post.

11. Is floor test practiced before?

If you know then back in 2004 JDS and Congress made government by the alliance and that time Dharam Singh of Congress was appointed as the Chief Minister. But, in 2016, both the parties were separated and JDS aligned with BJP. Under this agreement, Kumaraswamy was made a CM in January 2006, but in the next year, Kumaraswamy left BJP and submitted his resignation to the governor. After which the President's rule came into effect here.

12. Can party without majority seats able to form the government?

During the Goa assembly elections, BJP out of 40 seats got 13 seats, Congress got 17 seats and the majority needed 21 seats. But here BJP formed the government in collaboration with MGP and other parties. However, in Manipur assembly election BJP got 21, Congress got 28 seats out of 60 seats. As BJP needed 31 seats more, joined hands with NPP and other parties and formed the government.

Well, today two Congress administrators were not present at the Karnataka just three hours before an all-important trust vote that will decide the future of the minority government of the BJP’s Yeddyurappa. The Congress asserted that they were being held hostage at in Bengaluru by the BJP.

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