Birthday Special! Pankaj Udhas, A Well-known Gazal Maestro Whose Soothing Voice Is Captivating

Music is something which connects you to every feeling. The face of today's music has been changing to the more unreal but there was a time of the 90s when music was able to raise the heartbeat of listeners. The decade was also dedicated to the ghazals and among the ace ghazal singers, Pankaj Udhas is one whose melodious voice touches our hearts. Ghazals like Aur ahista kijiye baatein and Chitthi aai hai became evergreen.

Though, ghazals aren't celebrated much now but the king of ghazals Pankaj Udhas still hold a special place in his listeners' hearts.

So, Here listen to his 7 melodies song that will take you back to the memory lane of 90's:

#1. Chandi jaisa rang hai tera

When it is come to appreciate a woman's beauty, no ghazal is better than 'Chandi jaisa rang hai tera'. Simple words with soothing meaning can make any woman blush.

#2. Thodi thodi piya karo

The ghazal will be your humsafar on a lonely night when you miss something badly. Listeners can easily connect with the ghazal 'Thodi Thodi Piya Karo'.

#3.  Aur aahista kijiye baatein

This ghazal beautifully describes the feeling of butterflies in the stomach when a person falls in love. Each word of this ghazal truly defines what love actually is.

#4. Main nashe mein hu

The ghazal's lines deal with the struggle of love and heartbreak a lover goes through. Pankaj Udhas's ghazal is one of the most celebrated ghazals that can leave us captivated.

#5. Niklo na benaqaab

The romantic ghazal in the soft voice of Panjak Udhas' leaves such a deep impact on listeners that they can't be able to move over this ghazal 'Niklo Na Benaqaab'.

#6. Ek taraf uska ghar

Pankaj Udhas's velvet voice brings out the pain of a one-sided lover through this ghazal.

#7. Chitthi aai hai

Pankaj Udhas's melodious voice and the heart touching lyrics of 'Chitthi aai hai' will take you to the memory lane. It is counted among one of the most popular ghazals of Udhas features Sanjay Dutt and Amrita Singh.

Laughing Colours wishes him a great happy birthday.

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by Admin | Wed, May 16 - 07:00 PM

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