Birthday Special: Adnan Sami’s Journey From 230 Kgs To 75 Kgs Is Truly Inspiring

Adnan Sami is a well-known singer, a composer, an accomplished pianist who has been ruling the world of music since decades. The singer even pioneered a music style and is the first musician to play Indian classical music on a piano. Additionally, Sami has also been tagged as the Sultan of Music.

Almost a decade ago, i.e in the year 2007, he was all over in the news, but this time it was not for his musical achievements, but for incredible weight loss.

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Since then, Adnan has been inspiring several with the way he struggled hard to lose their extra weight. Well, it requires a lot of patience and dedication for shedding 155 kilos within a time period of 16 months. Yes, that’s right!

So, on the special occasion of his birthday, let’s just have a look at his successful weight loss journey:

Adnan after facing some severe health issues was advised by the doctors to lose weight for his well-being.

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Recalling those times, Adnan said, "One day, my doctor bluntly told me that he wouldn't be surprised if my parents found me no more in a hotel."

This thing had completely shaken him and he kept all his work commitments aside and moved to his hometown Houston to seriously start his weight loss journey.

Before starting his weight loss journey, Adnan ate each and everything he loved. From cheesecake to potter house steak with lots of butter to mashed potatoes, he ate it all. And from the very next day 7th June 2006, he started his mission weight loss.

Initially, due to his heavyweight, it was simply impossible for him to do workouts as it could get him a heart stroke so, he was advised to reduce weight through diets.

He consulted a nutritionist to start with a proper diet plan, and controlling his eating habits was a big challenge for him. He stated, "I lost weight by consulting a nutritionist. It was as challenging for me as it would have been for anyone trying to lose weight, and I dealt with these battles on a daily basis.”

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After shedding 40 kilos through diets, he started his workout regime. Adnan worked out for six days a week for a few months and was quite surprised with the results. He stated, "I could lie down, sleep longer, stand longer and move freely."

When Adnan has started his weight loss journey, he weighed 230 kilos, and today he is less than 75 kilos. So, Sami lost a whopping 155 kilos in 16 months, which is 10.5 kilos approx. in a month. Now that's what we call a complete dedication, isn't it?

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Adnan is such an inspiration to so many and there's no doubt in it. The singer even goes on to motivate people who are seeking to lose weight. Adnan said in an interview earlier, "Everybody, including me, had written me off. I proved everyone, including me, wrong. If I can overcome it, anybody can.”

Here's wishing the talented singer a very happy birthday!!

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