BB 12 update: Sreesanth gets annoyed again, Karanvir argues with Romil

After the nominations mission, on October 03, Bigg Boss saw one more exciting luxury budget mission named Jwalamukhi task.

During each and every task, the contenders locked within the house kept on arguing and hurling at one another and yesterday it was also the same.

During this luxury budget mission, a volcano got positioned in the garden zone that burst out some balls out of it. As part of the assignment, the competitors needed to gather the maximum balls to be the winner. The jodis bagged the chance of getting the next skippers of the house.

During the mission, Karanvir Bohra and Romil Choudhary started arguing. Not just this, ex-cricket player Sreesanth also entered the argument with Romil Choudhary over the subject of cricket and a disturbed Sreesanth threatened to beat Romil.

While the other contestants are leaving no stone unturned to win the task, Sreesanth quits the task as he is not well. Later, Dipika, too, leaves the task as she has the lowest number of balls. After Dipika, Jasleen is the next contestant to get out of the task. Although Nehha apologizes for getting physical, Somi Khan tells Bigg Boss that she needs justice for Nehha’s act.

During the mission, in order to win, Saba Khan tried to steal balls from Nehha's container.

Amongst all the quarrels, the superfluity budget task started. During the mission, the contenders got physical with one another.

Whilst talking about the captaincy mission, Deepak Thakur entered into a clash with Karanvir and Sreesanth. Afterward, Romil also joined and Sreesanth got into a contest with Romil. Romil also loses his calm and Shivashish tried to interfere to resolve the troubles. Afterward, Romil remarks on Sreesanth’s game and this irritated Sreesanth.  

Afterward, Jasleen, Somi, and Sourabh were witnessed talking about the captaincy mission and choose to nominate their names for captaincy.

During the task, we witnessed Romil Choudhary convincing Anup Jalota to pardon Jasleen Matharu as the latter was angry at Romil for advising Jalota to split.

In the task, there is a volcano in the garden area and the volcano will continuously spit out balls and the partakers were projected to catch the balls and fill their containers.

by Vijay Singh | Thu, Oct 04 - 11:04 AM

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