Bigg Boss 12 update: The First Luxury Budget Task Won By Singles 

One of the most happening reality show of Indian television Bigg Boss is here with its season 12 and the contestants played their first luxury budget task. 

Day 10 started with a song Hum Bhi Hain Josh Mein which gave the feeling of getting ready for the task. Contestants woke up with the song and got the hint of what's in the pipeline for them. The Bigg Boss announced the second phase of the luxury budget task which is titled 'Samudri Lutere'. 

The episode saw Jodis became prisoners and were seen hiding from things such as garbage, shampoo bottles, which the other team could have used in order to avail the golden ring from singles. In the task, Bigg Boss asked the jodis to sit on a chair and to protect a golden ring from being snatched away by the single contestants. 

Bigg Boss asked only 4 people from the jodis to be selected for the task and Sreesanth was advised to stay away from the task. The task began with Somi as prisoner and Karanvir began troubling her. To trouble Somi, they used water and shampoo on her and rubbed it all over face and let her hard to breathe. Somi gave up easily. After that, Jasleen became prisoner and Dipika with Karan troubled her. Then Shivashish became the target. At last, Urvashi became the prisoner and announced the winner. 

Singles and Jodis, both the teams collected two-two golden rings. Seeing the ring taken, both the teams settled on time. But, the singles took lesser time to snatch the ring than the jodis to finish the task and hence announced the winners of the first luxury task of this season.

Seeing the result, the Khan sisters (Somi and Saba) were not very happy. Also, how Dipika carried out the task was not liked by Jodis. They thought she was extremely aggressive.

Kriti and Roshmi again became sanchalak of the task just like the first phase of the task. Task brought fights between the single and the jodis. Jasleen Matharu couldn't control herself after seeing their defeat. Khan sisters too broke into a tiff with Dipika. Both the girls stopped talking to Dipika. Every Jodi targeted Dipika for pulling the task badly.

The love Jodi of singer Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu were seen flirting on camera. A scene showed Anup saying to Jasleen, "Diwali ke mauke pe kya pesh kare, jab tum hie ek pataka ho." Jasleen responded with a bright smile and responded saying that she has a special surprise planned for him. What will be the special surprise? See in the upcoming episode. 

by Vijay Singh | Thu, Sep 27 - 11:23 AM

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