Bigg Boss 12: A Romantic Dinner Date For Anup And Jasleen Post The Break-up Drama

Tagged as one of the most dramatic reality show of the Indian television, Bigg Boss is in its third week and now it has picked momentum to make headlines and offer spicy content more. Based on Singles vs Jodis theme this season, the show has one Jodi that continuously is in talks. It's 65 years old Anup Jalota and 28 years old Jasleen Matharu's Jodi.

Earlier, due to being a different Jodi owing to their huge age difference and now due to their breakup and patch up drama, they remain in the headlines both inside and outside the house. And the duo is now enjoying their romantic space in the house of Bigg Boss. 

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A few episodes back, Anup Jalota announced his breakup with girlfriend Jasleen as she denied giving her clothes and make-up for Anup. It was the task, in which abductor of Anup, Dipika asked Jasleen to give her clothes and makeup as ransom. But, she refused and this became the reason for their breakup. However, the couple has patched-up on Thursday. Following their patch up, Bigg Boss arranged a cozy candlelight dinner exclusively for the lovebirds last night.

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The space of the activity area had been decorated especially for their cozy dinner date. A dinner table for two, dim lighting, roses, candles and above all Anup's singing added four moon to their date. The lovebirds were seen getting close to each other and sorting their matters out. Jasleen told Anup how she missed doing a romantic dance with him. Then the couple did a dance and following the dance, Anup went onto his knees with a red rose and said ‘I love you’. This date will definitely add more love to their relationship.

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Meanwhile, the luxury budget task saw its end with making Saba-Somi, Sorabh-Shivashish and Surbhi-Romil competitors for the Fizz Captain. Somi, Surbhi, and Shivashish took part in the task from their respective Jodis. To win the captaincy, all the three had to hold the ring for as long as they could. Bigg Boss made Nehha, the sanchalak of the task. Nehha took a decision against Somi and disqualified her which irked the Khan sisters. At last, Surbhi won the task and her Jodi became the next captain.  

Also, when it comes to sending three housemates to Kaalkothri, they decided Nehha, Karanvir, and Sreesanth to the Kaalkothri.

by Vijay Singh | Sat, Oct 06 - 11:12 AM

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