Big B talks about his unfulfilled dream on the occasion of his 76th birthday

Today the legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan turned 76, but he isn't in the mood of celebrating his Birthday as 2018 has not been a good year for the whole B-town. As many of the lives have been lost this year, recently last few weeks ago Daughter Shweta Nanda's father-in-law left for the heavenly abode and Raj Kapoor’s wife Krishna Raj Kapoor also left the world. Apart from this, Rishi Kapoor's ill health has also made the actor to take this decision on his birthday.

And how can we forget Sridevi's premonition which he had a night before she left us?

But on his birthday he came to give a thank to all the fans through his tweet, who had wished him on his 76th Birthday.

And the actor also came out of his residence to thank everyone personally who came to him just to wish and to get a glimpse of him at the gate of his house. Big-B also posted an interview link on his Twitter titled An interview on the eve of birthday – which he posted on his personal blog.

Amitabh was asked several questions in the interview but one of the questions made him a bit emotional while answering and the question was, " What were his unfulfilled dreams as an actor, artist, musician and most importantly, as an Indian?...


While responding, he said, “As an actor, there are millions of unfulfilled dreams. Dreams of perfection, of qualifying the craft to its ultimate - if there ever can be one. As an artist, to accept my limitations and yet keep attempting to improve on each challenge. As a musician, to be able to educate myself and be in the learning of musical instruments, for music to me is the closest connection to the Almighty; the learning not for any kind of exploitation, but for my own personal, internal passion! As an Indian, I have always wanted India to be termed as a developed nation, and not be in the category of a 'developing nation’, as India is often referred to in the West; to be a 1st world nation, and not be labeled as the 3rd world!”

On  the work front, Amitabh Bachchan will be seen next in 'Thugs Of Hindustan' one of the most anticipated movie of this year.

Stay with us to get all the scoops of the B-town.

by Shifa Naz | Thu, Oct 11 - 04:19 PM

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