Bhadra Dam in Karnataka leaves viewers spellbound with its beauty

The Bhadra Dam left the audience spellbound and wordless with its beauty. Never the less, the white streaming water coming out of its peak looked like a divine thing instead of a man-made thing.

The opening of Dam gates at the Bhadra River made the audience hoot in merry and cheerfulness making it a beautiful sight for them to capture it live in their memories and also on their electronic gadgets. Some of them enjoyed it so much that they even whistled.

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It was an astounding sight. Smooth whitewater streams out as peak entryways opened one by one from Bhadra Dam in Karnataka. The Bhadra Dam is a wonderful Dam situated on the Bhadra River a tributary of Tungabhadra River.

The four peak entryways were opened by the specialists one by one to let the overabundance water out, with the goal that the security characteristic of the dam stays unblemished. The water levels have gone up and nearly achieved a threat stamp. All the real bowls in the waterway have achieved its cut off and are full. The region organization issued a notice against wandering into the waterway downstream.

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More about the Bhadra Dam:

The Bhadra Dam, which has made the Bhadra Reservoir, is situated on the Bhadra River a tributary of Tungabhadra River. Bhadra dam is situated in the fringe of Bhadravathi and Tarikere, in the western piece of Karnataka in India.

The advantages got from the repository stockpiling are water system with net water system capability of 162,818 hectares (402,330 acres), hydro control age of 39.2 MW which is, three powerhouses, situated on the privilege and left bank principle canals, drinking water supply and modern utilize.

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A little peek into the geography of Bhadra Dam:

The Bhadra River ascends at Samse in the Western Ghats Aroli slope scope of Kudremukh range, and streams east over the Deccan Plateau. It is joined by its tributaries, the Somavahini; channels from a hole and meets Bhadra River at Hebbe, Thadabehalla, and Odirayanahalla, the waterway moves through the city of Bhadravathi and the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.


The spell bounding look of the Bhadra Dam was caught by the many visitors who came to see the Dam opening its gates and also by the other news agencies. The gates were opened one after another letting the viewers enjoy the beautiful white milky waterfall.

by Vijay Singh | Thu, Jul 26 - 01:19 PM

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