Things we want to say to our BFF but don’t because we prefer PEACE

Best friend!!! The word hold so many meanings in an individual life. A best friend is an altergo, soulmate, brother ,sister and being with whom we can share everything. We can talk to this person about each and everything that is from taking advice's, talking about stupid things, sharing food & clothes, crying over in front of each other after a breakup to partying and other stuff. All those who have a genuine and nice BFF, they are truly blessed to have them. When two individuals share such a good bond with each other, there is amalgamation of understanding, forgiveness, respect. These good souls are send by the God to make our lives less stressful and more happy.

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When we share  such a great bonding with someone , then there are chance of hurt, misunderstandings, fights. When such situations occurs , there is need to act mature rather than just loosing the good soul out of immaturity. But, sometimes we want to tell them few things but can’t because it may ruin our bond ,lead to unnecessary fight or we on topmost prefers Peace.

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What are those things we want to say? Read it all below and I hope you will be able to relate to it:

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by Mamatha Reddy | Thu, May 02 - 11:03 PM

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