Beijing Foreign Studies University In China Will Have Tamil Langauge In Their Bachelor’s Degree

Tamil is known as one of the oldest languages in the world. Now, the Beijing Foreign Studies University in China will have the third Indian language after Hindi and Bengali which is the Tamil language and will be launched this year soon at the University.

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It's really a good thing to know!

A student at BFSU named Fu Pei Lin falls in love with the Tamil language when she tried to pronounce the Tamil syllables. Lin said, "Honestly, Tamil is difficult to learn. But I feel so proud and happy when I utter every syllable of it". She is among 10 Chinese students, 9 girls and a boy, who got a taste of the Dravidian language on Monday. At the University, the students will learn Tamil Language and Literature with their four years of a bachelor degree.

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In a telephonic interview with TOI on 18th Sept, head of the Tamil language department, Eesvari alias Zhou Xin said, "It reminded me of my first day of learning Tamil 15 years ago. So much needs to be done".

Xin is excited to learn some more about the Tamil language with her students. BSFU's students got to know about the language from the university’s advertisements on the website. Eesvari said, "The tour will be part of the third year of their study after getting some basic skills on spoken and written Tamil".

She told that the students got really excited on Monday when they got this news as they will also get a tour to Tamil Nadu for six to twelve months to get to know more about the rich culture of TN.

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Apart from this, students will also have to choose sociology, economics, communication, law, and many others. They will have 12 hours of classes a week in the first two years, 10 hours in the third year and finally, six to four hours in the final year.

by Soniya Kaur | Thu, Sep 20 - 03:08 PM

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