BB12 Day 30 Update: Sreesanth indulges in a tiff with Romil, warns to leave the BB House

Contenders of the Bigg Boss 12 house witnessed a shift in activities after the entry of two partakers Sreesanth and Anup Jalota.

It was primarily a pleasing surprise for the majority of the housemates, but the table shortly turned when the two disclosed mysteries and game plans accompanied by partakers, particularly Dipika Kakar. With new revelations, housemates will now have to give their current group formations a second thought.

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Dipika lastly faced Sreesanth, to which he disclosed that he is disappointed over her deeds, especially in contradiction of Srishty Rode.

He stated that she was going off beam somewhere. Upon learning that, Dipika accepted it and started weeping.

With Jodi games ended and bonds stressed, this week will certainly be harsh on the housemates. But once again, contestants will get to showcase their competitive edge in the luxury budget task Ghoda Gaadi. The champion of this will become the captain that is presently held by Surbhi Rana.

As Dipika and Deepak made attempts to persuade partakers to run for them, manifold strategies came forth. The mission soon became a worrying affair as Romil Choudhary and Sreesanth got into a heated argument.

Sreesanth was walking fast, to which Romil opposed. Annoyed, Sreesanth abandoned the task. He later warned to leave the house.

Here are the updates:

10:00 pm: Sreesanth wants to quit

9:58 pm: Are you bad mounting me?

9:48 pm: 'I am not interested'

9:46 pm: 'I will teach you what is walking'

9:44 pm: Time to steal

9:41 pm: Smart planning

9:39 pm: Deepak gets irritated

9:37 pm: Surbhi takes over!

9:35 pm: The bidding for the carrots begin!

9:33 pm: Be fair!

Sourabh warns Deepak to be fair in the task.

9:31 pm: Sreesanth says no

9:30 pm: It's time for the task!

Srishty reads out the rules of the luxury budget task.

9:25 pm: Jasleen, Anup have a quiet talk

9:24 pm: Dipika to still handle the kitchen?

9:23 pm: A childhood flashback

9:21 pm: Karanvir and Srishty strategize

9:19 pm: Dipika breaks down

9:09 pm: Dipika confronts Sreesanth

9:08 pm: Sourabh gets support

Somi Khan, Deepak, and Romil support Sourabh and tell him to not take Anup's words to heart.

9:06 pm: 'Make her feel that you are agreeing with her'

9:04 pm: 'What will your parents think?'

9:03 pm: Sreesanth encourages Srishty

9:01 pm: Anup confronts Jasleen about Sourabh

9:00 pm: And Bigg Boss 12 begins!

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