The Barkatullah University Of Bhopal Introduced A Degree To Become Sanskari Bride Or Groom

We believe that some weird things can only happen in India. Sometimes it's way too good or way to rubbish. The news is coming from Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal that The Barkatullah University in the state capital have now the brand new degree by which you can say "I am a Sanskari bride or groom". Yeah, you heard it right- A degree aimed to produce 'Sanskari’ man or woman for marriage which is of three months. Even if you passed out your high school studies, you can take this course of three months, as per the reports of a leading daily.

According to reports, the University has gone way too long and convinced their sociology, psychology and women's studies department to craft or prepare the course. Anyone after completing their school studies is allowed to enroll in this course which is beginning from the next academic year. Talking about the popularity and scope of this course, a professor said that "it will not only integrate human qualities and moral values but will also aim at integrating aspects such as psychology and sociology".

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Vice-Chancellor of the University, DC Gupta told the New Delhi Television that the course is not only related to Saas-Bahu (mother-in-law or daughter-in-law). However, he insists that the course being offered by the university "is the correct need of the times".

Surprisingly, professor Gupta says that it is a part of women's empowerment. The course will help them to adjust to their new environment after marriage. Also added that it's our social responsibility to help build the society with values.

Well, it feels disgusting that even in this century, educated people keep thinking like this. We don't think that coming up with such a course, can teach anyone the way of living with their in-laws. What's more important social responsibility is to create a good environment for each and every women/ man, so they will feel the real freedom.

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Earlier, the same happened in the IIT department of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) when they announced the three-month course for to-be brides called 'Daughters' Pride- Beti Mera Abhimaan'. Post this, they face a lot of criticism especially from a micro-blogging website Twitter where users.

It's really bad to know such kinds of double standards of educated people who still want the girls to get better when they are not even safe.

by Soniya Kaur | Sun, Sep 16 - 12:33 PM

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