From Being A Backbencher To IPS Officer, This Man Is An Inspiration Especially For Average Students

We have always been told since our childhood by our elders that if you have to become a government officer like IAS or IPS, you have to study hard even since the start. Also, it is said 18 hours or more of study per day can only make stands out of all. Certainly, in India, you are judged by your 10th and 12th examinations' results. Making children believe that to crack and become civil services exam, you have to be the best in the class, we all are guided this way.

But by breaking all the stereotypes this IPS Officer from Karnataka has given us a new inspiration especially for those who dream of becoming an IPS officer. IPS Officer Mithun Kumar G K describes himself as a mediocre student, the typical backbencher. Saying that no one believes his potential, the man feels that he is way too blessed. Well, we believe that if an IPS officer says something like this, it will eventually hard to believe, but in this case- it is true.

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Talking to Humans of Lbsnaa, he recalled how he took up a job in the software sector immediately after graduation to support the family, as he was the eldest child. But it's his dissatisfaction with something's missing in his life, he left his job after three years as his younger brother starts to run the family when get employed. Mithun Kumar told his father planted the idea of becoming a police officer in his mind that grew up inside. He said, "I wanted to be a civil servant and a police officer in particular. Whenever I saw a policeman on road there would be a spark in me. When I cleared the exams, many asked me why not the Administrative service. I had no answers, I could not explain to them how much the Uniform fascinated me and that I had always imagined myself to be in one".

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After four attempts of UPSC exams, he cleared the exam in the fifth one with a rank of 130.

Kumar who also have a choice of becoming an IAS officer but he opted for IPS as he was clear from the start that he wants to become a police officer.

by Soniya Kaur | Tue, Sep 11 - 05:06 PM

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