Jayalalithaa’s voice recording, handwritten menu provides insight on her last days

As per reports, a recording of late CM Jayalalithaa's voice, telling a medical doctor that the level of BP ranges between 140/80 was normal for her, has been made accessible to the media people by the commission looking into the matter of her demise.

When a medical doctor informs that her blood pressure level was "high, as it reads 140 (systolic)," Jayalalithaa asks "by", entailing what was the diastolic rate.

To this, the medical doctor answers "140/80," and she says "its normal for me..."

At the commencement of the 1:07 minute auditory that has beep sounds of the monitors, she coughs and says she can hear a sound, (to denote her breathing difficulty) and it was similar to whistles made by fans in cinema houses.

She also notifies a man, recognized as Dr K S Sivakumar, her medical doctor, that if it was not possible "leave it."

In another 33-second auditory, which is associated to the other tape, Dr Sivakumar informs her, who is breathing heavily, that he is recording the wheezing and it was not "very intense now."

Coughing, she tells him "when it (wheezing) was there, I told you, you said it (application) could not be taken (downloaded)."

The doctor said in between that he has downloaded the app program.

Her last voice recordings were made available by the Justice A Arumughaswamy Commission of Inquiry on Saturday, examining the conditions leading to the hospitalization and the following demise of the late leader in the year 2016.

Giving a background to the recordings, counsel for Jayalalithaa's assistant V K Sasikala, N Raja Senthoor Pandian, stated that on January 8 2018, Dr Sivakumar had told the commission in his statement that he had made a recording of Jayalalithaa's voice on September 27, 2016 at Apollo Hospital.

The voice recording was done by Sivakumar, when the late leader had "wheezing (breathing difficulty) problem."

This was done, according to Sivakumar's deposition, to send the late chief minister's voice to a specialist doctor for further evaluation.

"Today, when Dr Sivakumar (questioned by the panel as its witness) appeared before the Commission for deposition, he submitted madam's voice recording during cross examination by me and it was marked as an exhibit," Pandian stated.

After getting admitted to Apollo Hospital on September 22, 2016, she had a wheezy trouble on September 27, he stated, quoting Sivakumar's deposition.

As per Sivakumar's statement on Sunday, after a tracheostomy process during October 2016, Jayalalithaa also spotted pictures of a few deities and addressed a few words awkwardly.

by Vijay Singh | Sun, May 27 - 12:35 PM

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