A Reporter Describes The Incident When Atal Ji Gave Her A Chance To Ask Him A Question

All social media platforms today are filled with the same message which is throwback pictures of Atalji. The former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has left for the heavenly abode. His presence will always be felt in our hearts as he was the kindest person on this planet and one of the best political leader of Independent India.

Well, he is so kind that once he had once given a special chance to a young reporter who was trying to ask a few questions to him in the crowd of 100 reporters. At the Raj Bhavan in Lucknow, he waiting for a reporter to ask him a question and said, “No one should speak until she finishes her question. OK?, Now, you, ask me what you want to ask”.

The report explained, "When the Prime Minister entered the hall every journo wanted to him ask first. Myself, a young reporter, along with another one were pushed behind. I shouted Vajpayee ji, Vajpayeeji. He heard me and asked another journalist standing near him Who is that girl, call her here. There I was standing in front of him, after being pushed by others to the front row. “What happened, he asked me with that warm smile. As always what I saw on his face was those smiling, shining eyes. Yes, Vajpayee used to smile through his eyes too."

"However, nervous me had nothing much to ask. I remember struggling to find the right question as I being a young reporter at a news agency – I was with Indo Asian News Service – never expected such an encounter with the Prime Minister. I never thought Indian Prime Minister would make me stand in front of him and would offer me such a golden opportunity. I remember asking him about BJP’s stand on some controversial issue and about the Women’s Bill. He said, 'See, I would be the happiest person if the Women’s Bill gets passed. But I cannot do it alone.' Then with that familiar charm, he added. See, I always give preference to girls, like I did for you now.”

He recognized the same reporter During a winter session which was on December 6, and when she questioned him about the Ram Mandir, his answers is full of sentiments and he said, “The construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya is an expression of the national sentiment which is yet to be fulfilled.”

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by Admin | Fri, Aug 17 - 12:39 PM

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