Asia’s Heaviest Woman From Palghar Loses 214 Kgs in Four Years

Obesity has become the biggest problem among the people across different parts of the world. It is quite simple to gain weight but highly difficult to lose it. Here is a 42-year old woman from Mumbai namely Amita Rajani who shed an overwhelming 214 Kgs in a span of 4 years. Shashank Shah, the Bariatric Surgeon made an announcement regarding the same on Wednesday.

Amita is from Vasai town in Palghar. Originally, her weight is more than 300 Kgs. She owns a title as 'Asia's Heaviest Woman' whose weight is truly unimaginable. She started gaining weight suddenly at the age of 6. In fact, Amita was born just like a normal healthy baby with 3 Kg but started piling up her weight gradually.

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The Surgeon said, 'by the time Amrita was 16, she was upward of 126 kgs, couldn't perform any of her real-world activities easily and the sheer weight bogged down her self-esteem.' Amita said, ‘I was totally bed-ridden earlier, but now I am completely independent, can move around freely, wear clothes of my choice and lead the life I enjoy after Dr. Shah helped me drop those excess kilos.'

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She went to the topmost Endocrinologists from Britain as well as India in order to treat her weight issue. But, none of them could find out the actual cause of her obesity for years. Due to her weight, she couldn't even step out of her bed and home for about 8 years. Several doctors were highly furious to understand the main cause of her obesity. She suffered from several issues such as a breathing problem. As a result, she took the help of oxygen for easy breath.

Mamta Rajani, the mother of Amita said, 'I had to help her with all her chores, eating, dressing, and controlling fluid retention with towels and bed sheets that soaked the excess fluid discharge. But, now she is in shape and the full credit goes to Dr. Shah.'

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The doctor prepared Amita for about 2 months before heading to the surgery. The weight-loss surgery involved two stages that include 1st metabolic operation and a gastric bypass. They took a 2 years gap between the two surgeries. After the surgery, her weight is 86 Kgs. She has now overcome all her health problems such as BP, Kidney issues and Diabetes.

by Neetu Panwar | Fri, May 10 - 10:25 AM

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