Arjun Kapoor wanted Jahnvi and Khushi to enjoy Sridevi’s great moment, refused to attend National Film Awards

Post the demise of Sridevi, her stepson Arjun Kapoor has been supporting his half-sisters like an elder brother. Arjun Kapoor is often seen protecting  Janhvi and Khushi from the unfavourable remarks on social media. His sister Anshula too is nowadays seen spending time with her half-sisters. Even after sharing a great bond with his half-sisters, Arjun had refused to attend the 65th national film awards with them. This year Late Sridevi won her first National Award for best actress for her performance in MOM.

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There were rumours that Janhvi insisted her half-siblings that is Arjun and Anshula to join them and receive the award in Delhi. But Arjun refused by saying that "He wanted Janhvi and Khushi to enjoy their mom's great moment on their own" an insider revealed.

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An insider also told the media that Boney Kapoor too was not interested in attending the event as he is still in the emotional trauma of losing his wife. But somehow his daughters Jahnvi and Khushi convinced him to receive the award. This award is a big and historic chapter in Sridevi's glorious career. Its an emotional moment for the family and Arjun wanted Khushi and Janhvi should cherish Sridevi's achievement fully without any interference.

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This has made clear that Arjun has no negative intention behind refusing to attend the National Film Awards. On the other side, Boney is sad that Sridevi is no longer with them. He is hesitating for attending Sonam's wedding.

The family members have managed to convince him to do the mandatory rituals. Sonam's wedding can help the family to move on from the emotional trauma they are stuck into. Janhvi has prepared a dance performance for  Sonam's wedding on her mother's song "mere haathon me nu-nau chudiya hai".

Arjun too is excited about the wedding.

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