Aquatic Life Hampered, Turtles And Fishes Washed Ashore After Ganesh Visarjan

Indians celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi with all pomp and show. But, for Mumbaikars, the fest has a different place. From bringing idols of Lord Ganesha to home to the processions of the time when worshippers bid adieu to Bappa, all the 10 days seem like an auspicious occasion of the year. However, the celebration of the fest leaves some dark effect also.

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During Ganesh Visarjan, waste that is left behind on beaches completely makes the beaches dirty. People after visarjan, leave behind millions of milk dairy packets, remains of coconut and other prayer material on the beaches that disturb the aquatic life. Immersion Lord Ganesha idols not only pollutes the sea, causes heavy damage to the sea life also. After all the celebration, BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) along with Non-Governmental organizations have to struggle to deal with this menace over the years.

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Today is the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi and people will immerse idols in the sea which will affect the marine life badly. However, before the last day, also the seventh-day visarjan of the festival this year, immersion of idols created havoc there as it saw thousands of turtles and fishes washed ashore on the beaches of Dadar and Juhu as they lose their life because of the chemicals with which the idols are made.

The destruction of aquatic life is due to the Plaster Of Paris (PoP) as PoP is used in preparing the idols. Also, the lead used in their paints and the nirmalya (flower offerings) is the reason for the mass loss of marine life. Excess chemicals used and broken idols of Lord Ganesha can also be seen on the shore after some time.

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Chinu Kwatra started ‘Save The Beach’ campaign and made headlines this year for cleaning the Dadar beach. He initiated the campaign after he saw the bad state of Mumbai beaches post the Visarjan ceremony.

As per the report of a media platform, the young army men worked hard to scan the beaches, collecting broken pieces of the idols with utmost care and later handing them over to the officials Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation on 14th September.

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Kwatra while speaking to a media portal said that water snakes and fish had lost their lives due to the chemicals found inside the PoP idols and the overload of chemicals.

Stalin D, director of the NGO Vanashakti said, “The Biological Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand determine if marine life will survive. Untreated sewage water let into the sea is also adding to the pollution. On top of that, PoP idols spell doom for all marine life and water bodies.”  

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