Antarctic temperatures can cause some unexpected mess with your food and its unbelievable

Yummy hot pakoras on a rainy day, steaming hot tea during winters, and ice cream on a scorching day of summer are the top-notch combinations ever.

At present, just imagine you are in Antarctica, an extremely cold continent located in the south pole, it is chilly cold out there, and you wish to cook a meal for yourself.

Forget scorching meals, it is almost terrible to have some yummy Nutella and bread outdoors.

Those sub-zero heats just mess with your food. And researchers, Cyprien Verseux and Carmen Pssnig share images from Concordia Station that are leaving the web users puzzled. So, there is no pleasure-seeking dinner for you people on your vacation in Antarctica.

Scott Carpentier, the administrator of Antarctic meteorology with the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), stated that it was also a "very warm" August at Davis Station, where the uppermost mean daily maximum temperature hit -9.6C.

"They were a good five degrees above the long-term averages there," he said.

"We haven't seen warm temperatures like this in August since 1998."

Mr Carpentier added that the higher temperatures were an outcome of warm atmospheric states breaking off the Southern Ocean.

"There was this large wave of energy that got thrown up in the tropics, it propagated all the way down to the Antarctic coastline and pushed a whole bunch of air from the warmer Southern Ocean right across and into the continent," he said.

Well, we are sure, this is something no one would have noticed ever before but it's true. The people who are are there have actually experienced it and one can imagine how one can survive in such a weather.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Oct 15 - 02:58 PM

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