Anjali Anand, an actress from kulfi Kumar Bajewala show shuts up the mouth of her trollers

Anjali Anand, who is at present found in Star Plus show, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, shared an image of her puppy in her Instagram stories, saying "the only one i love 3000"

She likewise set up a video of her canine, which she inscribed, "humans don’t deserve my love. so I’ll give it all to @dobbythebeagle” (which is her dog’s instagram handle).

These posts by Anjali Anand didn't appear to be on the right track to her fans and followers, which prompted negative reactions and trolls. Her Followers began trolling her via Social media, over her accounts. One of her female supporters messaged her on Instagram with negative comments and later erased the chat. In any case, Anjali Anand obstructed her on Instagram. So this female Fan sent her increasingly negative trolls.

Anjali Anand says that she regularly gets these hate messages yet she never responds to such messages and for the most part just overlooks them. Be that as it may, after this episode, she stated, "Aaj Pata Nahi kyu #khoonchala". She also shared a video of her Instagram direct messages, which gives us a look into what number of people messaged her on Instagram or what number of negative trolls she jumped on her accounts.

'I Think I Am A Very Soft Target For The Trolls'

Anjali included, "I think I am an exceptionally vulnerable objective for the trolls. I wake up and see trolls. I turn in and see trolls. Is it in view of my size? Is it since I appear to be unique? Prior, I used to try and answer to certain trolls however these days I square them. For the wellbeing of God, they are going ahead to my own page.

The following are the pics of Anjali Anand's Instagram stories -

by Mamatha Reddy | Mon, May 06 - 03:28 PM

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