Anil Kapoor Completes 35 Years In Industry, Shares An Emotional Message With Fans

"What a journey it has been! So many characters, so many opportunities to grow and all the endless memories. I don’t really remember the life I had before I entered the movies because I truly started living on the silver screen...Blessed to be living my dream! #35yearsandCounting," the post shared by Anil Kapoor on completing his 35 years in Indian film industry read like this.

Recently, he took to social media and shared a picture of his journey:

Anil Kapoor is the actor who refused to age and believes the only thing that can make him traveled all long 35 years is the disciplined routine he has followed in his life. His nature of being an obedient student of cinema helped him to reach from south films to Bollywood to international films.

Once he said, "I think it is a combination of choices that has worked for me like luck, directors and family. At the right time, right scripts and directors came to me and I made right choices and then my family."

While also talking to the leading agency Anil told, “At home, we share a friendly equation, so I don’t have to go outside to understand what is working and what is not. There is a pool of talent, with mind of their own in the family. I am a good listener. I listen and observe everything. I am an obedient actor and an obedient student of cinema."

“When I sleep in the night, I only dream of doing different characters. I have never dreamt that I should be the biggest star of the country or have lot of money. This has never been my aim. I want to make people smile and cry,” he adds.

“I have always been a very optimistic person. I see everything positively. I have never been disillusioned. The only time I was disillusioned and was a little down was when I failed at the Pune Institute. I cried."

But, he has shown us how to work hard and reach on the height that we are thinking.

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