Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia reveal secrets of their love story, wedding decision was taken overnight

The newly-wedded couple Neha and Angad Bedi have revealed secrets about their love life in a recent interview. The couple's story is different from others. For the first time, they met each other in their teenage. Angad noticed Neha in a gym when he used to play under 19 cricket in Delhi while the diva was busy preparing for her Miss India pageant.

Angad Bedi revealed his love story in a media interaction. He said, "When it comes to spending the rest of your life with someone, you should do it with a friend. It doesn’t matter if that person is illiterate, educated or earns 10 or 10 crore. Eventually, these things don’t matter.”

Former Miss India Mrs. Neha Dhupia Bedi was waiting for the right time to say yes to Angad. Angad had proposed her 4 years ago but Neha denied as she was already dating someone. Angad came back once again after four years and said, ‘I don’t want to be just in a relationship with you. Either you are my wife or nothing’. She has seen him changing and maturing over the years.

Angad Bedi is the son of cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi and decided to make a career in Bollywood, unlike his father. In the interview, Angad also said that the couple didn't want to keep their marriage a secret but they intended to keep it a private affair. Even the decision of their marriage was taken overnight. They casually went to Delhi and decided to inform their parents about the relationship and marriage plans.

Neha said, “Angad didn’t propose to me, instead, he went with the rishta to my parents. His mother was not ready to give her nod for the wedding date, till she met me. I met her two days before the wedding and she asked me if I was sure about getting married to him and some other questions, which a to-be mother-in-law would generally ask. As far as his father is concerned, we had got strict instructions from him to keep it low-key or else the press would get a whiff of it and there would be OB vans outside the gurudwara.”

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