Ancient Indian Inventions That We Use On A Daily Basis Now

People invent different things out of interest or out of necessity.  There are many inventions that are in existence from centuries now and every day a new invention sees the light of the day.  There are few inventions from India that changed the world. Here are 7 Indian inventions that people all over the world use on a daily basis.


Pen drive is one of the smart devices invented to transfer files from one device to another.  It is Ajay V Bhatt who invented USB port. He not only developed USB port but also various technologies such as AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), PCI Express, Platform Power Management Architecture etc.  It was invented in 1995 out of a necessity to have a common port that can be adapted by systems across different platforms.

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Buttons and shirt are two most useful inventions from ancient India.  Before buttons were invented cotton was used to make pieces of cloth. Earlier the buttons were used during the Mohenjodaro period for ornamental purposes.  Not just the buttons equipment used to weave clothes such as spinning wheels and cotton gins are from India.

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Radio waves were used in telecommunications and broadcasting signals mainly.  Bose is the one who experimented on the radio waves. He transmitted microwaves using his apparatus, showcasing that they are a form of “invisible light” that pass through solid objects with ease.

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Ruler is one of the important apparatus used in geometric boxes from ancient times.  It is used to measure things. Excavations at Lothal near Gujarat have yielded one ruler calibrated to about 1⁄16 inch (1.6 mm) dating back to 2400 BCE.

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The Pentium chips invention has taken the computers processing to next level.  A microprocessor chip consists of millions of transistors that process numerous functions in a split second.  Vinod Dham developed the chip in 1993.

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In 1800-1200 BCE iron metal was found in Uttar Pradesh.  Iron is used in India not oy in making weapons, but also cutlery and ornaments.  Not just iron, many other metals emerged from India like steel. This made India the world’s largest exporters of iron and steel.

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The shampoo we use everyday to wash our hair clean also originated in India.  The word shampoo is derived from the Hindi word Champo or Champna meaning “to stamp or knead”.  It was invented in 1762 where different herbs along with aamla we're used to prepare shampoo.

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These are the inventions and discoveries from ancient India.

by Vijay Singh | Thu, Jul 26 - 04:09 PM

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