Ananya Panday’s Father Chunky Panday Spills the Beans about his Daughter’s Reaction to Social Media Taunts

Ananya Panday is the beautiful actress who made her debut in Bollywood film industry with the film Student of the Year 2. She is another star kid who made her parents proud of her by entering into the film industry. In a recent interview, Chunky Panday revealed some interesting things about his daughter.

Chunky even reveals that with the rapid advancement in the technology, the emergence of various social media platforms, each and every individual has turned out to become a critic, especially on the film stars. Everyone has gained the right to write anything and everything against anyone.

As a father, Chunky Panday understands the feelings and reactions of the young ones and how those taunts might affect them in their career. He even spilled the beans about her daughter that Ananya too feels bad and some of the mocks about her on social media show the immense effect on her.

But, Chunky always gives his daughter great support telling her to be thick skinned and simply overlook all those worthless things from her mind. He also tells her that if she wants to remain in that profession, she must remove all such things from her mind.

During the interview, Chunky Panday said, ‘Today with social media, everyone has become a critic, everyone has got a pen in their hand and they can write anything and everything against you. They can even abuse you but you can’t do anything. You have to set your mind to that temperament as you have come to a line where you will be criticized.’

He further added, ‘This was during our time as well but it was not visible. Because of social media now, everyone can see the abuse. Sometimes, they are writing comments because they are frustrated over something and they vent out their anger at the wrong place. As a father sometimes I feel bad and I feel young ones get really affected because of it. A 16 or a 19-year-old girl getting abused is not right. Someone has to control this.’ Finally, he says that she is very proud of his daughter and she has achieved a lot in a little time.

by Mamatha Reddy | Fri, May 31 - 05:14 PM

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