Anand Mahindra Excited About His New Offering ‘drone Umbrella’, Netizens full of praises

As the country gets prepared for the monsoon term, business tycoon Anand Mahindra shares a rather exclusive and superb video recording showcasing a "DroneBrella aka The self-flying umbrella" on his personal Twitter handle.

In his tweet, the Chairman of Mahindra Group wrote, "We focus our attention on cutting edge autonomous cars & vehicles but as the monsoon approaches, Iā€™m more excited by the prospect of autonomous umbrellas!"

As per reports, "this umbrella uses a camera and an artificial intelligence that helps in tracking and following the user as they walk down the street. It will fly from a distance and follow you like a drone. It helps a person commute hands-free (or while holding a cell phone) and is useful in both rain and sun."

After seeing the special post, net users also couldn't accept this breathtaking innovation as true.

One Twitter user wrote: "Good For Photographers to shoot in the rain!", whilst the other wrote: "Give it to me!!", and another said: "That's beautifully awesome".

Check out a few reactions by the Twitter users -

Chowkidar Sharad Tripathi - Sir, I think we must encourage this type of R&D in our country. šŸ‡®šŸ‡³

Stue - Desperate need of this, but will it hold in the super strong winds?!

Meanwhile there were also some users who commented about this innovation lasting in Mumbai rains.

ą¤—ą¤°ą„€ą¤¬ Batman - Sir it won't see another day in Mumbai rain..

Meet M - Mumbai Monsoons will tear this cute little invention apart

Mr Anand is not just recognized for his immense capitalist abilities and obliging nature, the well known personality is also famed for his humorist timing and side-splitting tweets, which have turned out to be a regular thing on his twitter handle.

Not just that, his Twitter timeline is full of comical video recordings.

Mr. Anand Business also shared a new jewel from his "WhatsApp wonder box", a day after the Lok Sabha poll outcomes headed the BJP and its allies to a thumping win.

The video recording showcases people enjoying a Garba dance in London 'apparently' after Modi's win.

by Neetu Panwar | Tue, May 28 - 05:45 PM

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