An Impressive Story Of Chanakya Of How He Established The Mauryan Empire

Chanakya was a discoverer of political science and economics. He was the one who used his brains as the main weapon to win a battle. The intelligent man was the one behind the establishment of the Mauryan Empire. There is a legend that claims that it was a part of revenge before Chanakya helped Chandragupta take the throne. You will be impressed to know the intriguing tale of Chanakya.

Well, just like every story has two different versions, this story too has two sides. You can believe anyone of it and it still makes for the perfect revenge against an undeserving and corrupt king.

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  1. Once Chanakya was banished for being ugly, so he got his revenge by overthrowing him with Chandragupta.

Now this one is the Buddhist version of Chanakya’s story. He had canine teeth in his childhood. It was a sign of being a royal and he was meant to rule one day. However, Chanakya’s mother feared that he would ignore her once he started to rule so he broke his teeth just for his mother’s satisfaction.

Chanakya once attended an alms-giving ceremony held by King Dhanananda at Pushpapura. Apart from his canine which he later broke, he also had crooked feet. This did not please Dhanananda and so he had Chanakya banished.

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This angered Chanakya who pledged to take revenge and managed to evade arrest by escaping to the jungle. He somehow managed to befriend Dhanananda's son, Pabbata. While in the forest, he saw a boy play-acting with his friends.

The kid professed to be above all else, managing a trial of some robber where he gives orders to chop off their limbs to treat them with his magic later on. That kid was none other than Chandragupta and it was Chanakya who encouraged him.

Chanakya saw Pabbata and Chandragupta as alternatives for the replacement of Dhanananda and so he chose to test them. One fine day when Chandragupta was asleep, he asked Pabbata to remove Chandragupta's woollen thread without waking him. However, Pabbata was unsuccessful. The following night, Chandragupta was given a similar task by Chanakya and Chandragupta succeeded in cutting off Pabbata's head and retrieving the thread and became the chosen one.

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It took a long time to set up an armed force for an attack. They attacked Dhanananda's capital – Pataliputra but they did not succeed. They figured out how to sidestep catch and one day, under camouflage, while roaming around in the city, they heard a mother shout at her son for eating his cake from the middle and squandering the edges.

She compared that with Chandragupta's attack as he didn't catch the neighbouring towns and straightforwardly attacked the centre. While learning a lesson, they took the correct course and caught territories around the capital city first. Before long they walked on to Pataliputra and defeated Dhanananda.

Chandragupta became the king and Chanakya induced fisherman to tell him about Dhanananda's treasury and later got him killed thereby taking his revenge.

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  1. A king's servant disrespected Chanakya and threw him out, so he came back with Chandragupta to dethrone him.

As per the Jains, the monks had revealed that Chanakya was destined to be the power behind the throne as he had a full set of teeth. His dad, expecting that he may get arrogant broke his teeth. Chanakya wedded a Brahmin lady, who was regularly mocked for wedding a poor man.

Chanakya had heard bits of gossip about Dhanananda being quite liberal towards Brahmins. So, for getting some donation, he went to visit him. While awaiting the king’s arrival, Chanakya sat on the king’s throne. A worker offered him another seat but Chanakya placed his water pot on it and did not leave his seat. More offers of other seats were met by more objects being placed on them.

The servant got angry and kicked him out which Chanakya felt insulted. He knew of the prophecy the monks had made and plotted his revenge. He helped a pregnant lady in the forest on the condition that her son would belong to him. That kid was Chandragupta. Chandragupta's conviction as king while playing his friends proved his worth to Chanakya. The rest of the story is quite similar.

Their first attempt at taking Pataliputra was not successful. In this version, they had heard a mother shouting at her son for putting his finger in the middle of some hot porridge. She said he should have started with the cooler areas around the edges and compared it to Chandragupta's failed plot.

This time they made allies nearby and attacked and invaded the villages around the capital. Soon a successful siege on Pataliputra saw Chandragupta on the throne and Dhanananda dead.

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