Amazon India Tells Employees To Not Reply To Phone Calls And Emails After Working Hours

In India, people work like donkeys. They are made to sit for extra hours regardless of the fact whether it is needed or not. In several companies, there is a policy to complete a fixed number of hours every month. People generally spend 9 hours of their day in office and even after that they are made to sit for extra hours. Sometimes, they are not spared on weekends also. Moreover, the emails and phone calls doesn't really end. In such scenario, an average working person finds it difficult to maintain the work-life balance.

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You will often find a person frustrated with his job and life as a whole. Employees are treated like slaves and their personal life is snatched away from them. The employers treat as if they do a favor by giving the employees a week-off or by letting them leave early from work.

Hardly do they release that sitting for extra hours just sucks up their productivity and creativity. They are made to work like robots and not humans with brains.

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However, Amazon India has taken a great step keeping these things in mind. According to Business Standard, Amazon India Chief Amit Agarwal sent a mail to senior staff members asking them to spend enough time to spend at home and maintain a healthy work-life harmony. He told his employees to stop taking calls and emails after hours. He also mentioned that "No Business decision should be made between 6 PM to 8 AM.

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He also said that responding to emails while on vacation is 'not cool.'

Well, we hope that all employers shall understand this. It's high time to understand that employees are the assets of a firm, not slaves. They get paid for the 8 hours they work. Employers have not bought that person.

We appreciate the steps taken by Amazon!

by Admin | Sun, Aug 19 - 11:40 AM

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