The Amazing catch by former England player divides internet in two sections

Cricket is one of the sport in which we see magic happening in the ground by the players. Till the end moment anything can happen. In the finale of the World Cup 2019 we saw how brilliantly the two teams played that it was fun to watch the match. Well, in this sport inside the field we have seen players catching some of the incredible and impossible catches but today we are going to tell you about the amazing catch taken by the English Cricketer who was giving the interview outside the ground.

The player from the Surrey County cricket club Rikki Clarke was giving an interview about the ongoing Ashes Test series in the stands, when a ball hit by a batsman from the ground zoomed towards him. In the video, it can be seen that the camera person and the interviewer were signalling over the ball arriving towards him, but without even turning around he catches the ball one handed and after that raises his hands to acknowledge the catch.

The video of the amazing catch went viral on the internet. The former England skipper Michael Vaughan thought it was “greatest catch of all time”, he tweeted this. While on the other side, others raised doubts about the catch and claimed it was “scripted”.

The internet is divided in two sections whether it is a real or not Have a look at the tweets of people below:

The catch by the Clarke is compared with a famous catch in baseball by Evan Longoria in 2011, which was later found to be a clip made by Gilette as part of a campaign.

The former England player Rikk Clarke has played two Test matches and 20 ODIs. Despite taking a wicket off his first delivery in international cricket at the age of 21, his international career quickly faded away. An EspnCricinfo profile says that he is “a prodigiously talented all-round cricketer who belatedly found the temperament to complement his talent”. Clarke set a world record for seven catches in first-class innings at Liverpool in 2011.

by Mamatha Reddy | Fri, Aug 23 - 12:36 PM

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