Alwar SP felicitates rickshaw men and college girls as they chase down a man

It was really a proud moment for Alwar city in Rajasthan when two rickshaw men got successful in finding a man absconding with someone’s money, two college goers followed a youth running away after snatching a handset.

While talking about the struggles of the two rickshaw pullers and the females, Rahul Prakash, Alwar superintendent of police (SP), was full of praise for them and rewarded them with a special prize.

Rahul’s initiative to identify the attempts made by the people who are aiding in finding criminals has commenced yielding outcomes.

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An elated SP stated, “Such initiatives are encouraging people to come forward to help out their fellow citizens and thus increasing people’s participation in policing.”

Two females Poonam Sahran and Jyoti Chauhan were coming back home from their coaching classes on a Scooty in South West Block zone on Saturday. On Manu Marg, a biker came from the back side and seized the handset from Jyoti’s hand, stated Bala Ram, station house officer (SHO) of Kotwali police.

“The girls did not panic and started chasing the bike rider. Pillion rider Jyoti kept on shouting, urging people to catch hold of the snatcher.”

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Ram stated that the females followed the snatcher for around 2.5km. Seeing Jyoti was shouting, a gentleman known to the girl accompanied all of them.

Ram stated, “Finally the biker hit a dead end near GD Girls College. The girls caught hold of him; colony residents came to the girls’ help and called the police.”

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The snatcher, Iqbal, got detained by the police. The SP appreciated the brave girls and honoured them with Rs 1000 each. Poonam studies in Arya Kanyya College and Jyoti in International College. On June 18, a retired person named Gyan Chand Jain withdrew INR 15000 from the ATM located in Nangli circle.

An unidentified individual came to Jain and wanted to help him in counting the notes. While counting the notes, the man attempted to mix fake currency in the pack and take away the original notes, police said.

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When Gyan Chand Jain protested, the unidentified individual tried to run away with money. Gyan Chand Jain started screaming loudly; hearing him shouting for help, two rickshaw men -- Gurmeet Singh and Laxman Singh – followed the unidentified individual and caught him. The SP gave them with Rs 2000 each.

by Vijay Singh | Tue, Jun 26 - 02:07 PM

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